It's Del Rivers, folks!

Welcome the House of Del!

Sweet! It's that time of year, and Del has finally released his "best of" com-pilation, The Del Rivers Story. Of course, Geocities has left Del high and dry and without a place to hang his hat. In light of that, will be hosting the Del Rivers website here! Plus, we will be hosting Mp3 downloads of Del's material for your preview pleasure, with the sincere wish that you will go out and request, nay, demand that your local music store order you a copy of the CD.
We've contacted Smilin' Charlie (the former webmaster for the Del-ster) as well as Dave Anderson (of Saxon Recording fame) for "fresh" Del Rivers info because we want to do a proper job archiving the Del-ster. So, stick around, stay a spell! We'll keep a light on as we toil in the dark providing you Del Freaks with that crunchy Del goodness you know and love!

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Created on ... November 09, 2004